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6 x 9 | 212 pages | ISBN-13 978-0983690900 | $16.99 |
A Free American Press Publication | August 29, 2011 Release

DRUMS of war beat ever louder with each passing day. The mad Mullahs ruling Iran work around the clock to acquire nuclear weapons. The world is worried but impotent to prevent them from achieving their goal. The U.S. and its sole serious ally Israel keep proclaiming that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable. The maniacal Mullahs, undeterred, double their efforts to make the unacceptable acceptable.

It is brinkmanship of monumental risks, which may lead to conflagration since neither the Mullahs blink nor are the U.S. and Israel willing to let the Mullahs acquire the ultimate weapon.

Greatly disturbed by the ever-loudening drumbeats of war, a band of Iranian-American patriots and friends launches a well-conceived campaign to destroy the Islamic Republic's nuclear and military capabilities. They aim to preempt the need for military attack on Iran that may lead to massive loss of human life, spin out of control and usher in the long-prophesied dreaded Armageddon.

This small team of Iranian-Americans’ deep love for their native land as well as for their adopted country compels them to take tremendous risks and do the seemingly impossible to prevent all-out war between their two countries.

From a command post in California, vital cooperation from Iran, and a mobile operational base in the Persian Gulf, this small group of young men and women targets vulnerable components of the Mullahs’ nuclear and military facilities.

AMIL IMANI is an Iranian-American writer, poet, novelist, essayist, literary translator, public speaker and political analyst who has been writing and speaking out about the danger of radical Islam both in America and internationally. He has become a formidable voice for the struggling people of his native land of Iran. Born in Tehran, Imani moved to the United States during the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

The author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad, Imani has both promoted American patriotism and encouraged democracy for Iran. He has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world, as well as in thousands of internet magazines, websites and blogs. Amil’s writings can be found on his website,, and he can be reached at amil_imani[at]

CYRUS AZAD lives and writes anonymously outside of Iran to protect his sources. His life's passion is to do what he can to free Iran from the grip of the Islamists. A proud Persian, Cyrus works for the day that Iran, once again, takes its place among the civilized democracies and leads the world away from the brink of catastrophic conflagration the Mullahs ruling Iran and their praetorian Revolutionary Guard are doggedly pursuing.

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"The reader learns more about Iran, its 'mad mullahs' and its quest to acquire nuclear weapons, than one might otherwise learn by reading various newspaper headlines."

The cliché is "ripped from the headlines," but it fits Amil Imani’s new novel, written with Cyrus Azad, Operation Persian Gulf, because the reader learns more about Iran, its "mad mullahs" and its quest to acquire nuclear weapons, than one might otherwise learn by reading various newspaper headlines.

The novel is about a small team of Iranian-Americans whose deep love for their former homeland drives them to fulfill a daring scheme to disable Iran’s newly activated nuclear facility at Bushehr, in order to delay the weaponizing of its waste product. In that regard, Operation Persian Gulf is an old-fashioned thriller, filled with assassination teams, and other mayhem, but this novel is endorsed by some of the foremost authorities and authors on Islam.

The novel is so up-to-date it includes references to the Stuxnet virus that was planted in Iranian facilities' computers for the same objective, to slow its relentless effort to secure nuclear weapons. That would be a major game-changer.

"A highly entertaining way to learn why Iran’s people live as hostages to their dictatorial mullahs and why a potential Armageddon must be avoided."

This novel is a highly entertaining way to learn why Iran’s people live as hostages to their dictatorial mullahs and why a potential Armageddon must be avoided.

Alan Caruba

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Obama meets Ahmadinejad front 

 Available internationally and nationally through Amazon!

Review of Obama meets Ahmadinejad

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 Obama meets Ahmadinejad

"A great work of fiction - fantastic!"

"Although a great work of fiction which at times resembles reality, it is a fantastic, powerful and hilarious creative writing by Amil Imani. I'll be recommending it to all my colleagues."

Dr. Wafa Sultan, A God Who Hates

"Amil Imani ridicules two dangerous zanies of our time, who also must be laughed at, who both have deceitfully usurped their presidency, and together are bringing the world to the brink of Armageddon."

Dr. Ali Sina, Understanding Muhammad